Chocolate Making Trainings And More

About Us:

We are a Chocolate Boutique who also teach chocolate making in collaboration with BLOOM. 

Some of the courses we offer are as below:

Adult Hobby / Corporate Engagement Workshop:

Audience: People who love chocolates and want to learn about it and how to make it for domestic consumption.

Minimum Audience: 10

Duration: 3 hours

Coverage: Hands On:  Techiniques- Melting , Moulding, Enrobing, 3 fillings, Wrapping and Presentation.

Business Start-Up Workshop:


To understand the process of chocolate making from compound bars and Powder to Bars and Zero sugar for diabetics. 

Overview of Bean to Bar process Overview of Chocolate making tools: Understanding of mould material,  mould choice , framework of mould optimization. 

To learn Melting, Moulding and Unmoulding techniques for various moulded and moulded hand moulded chocolates. Understand and incorporation of chocolate characteristics and optimization.

To learn how to make Fillings:Fondants , Ganache, liquids, Energy bar base, low density cream and Caramel: incorporation of flavours and variations and innovation methods for the same.

To Learn Moulding , Enrobing and Piping methods :Truffle, Sealing,  Piping, bon bon , ferrro rocher , lollipop,  3D and Essence.

To learn  garnishing techniques:Colour,  Glitter and Transfer sheets: usage of garnish moulds and incorporation of the same into constructed or moulded chocolates .

To learn Artistic chocolate construction and assembly.

To learn Packaging , Wrapping, Temperature, Storage and Procurement of raw material for chocolate making as a business. 

To learn and understand Costing pricing,  Stock costing , Sale projection , stall set up and costing pricing , barcoding , nutritional value , marketing and sales opportunities, License and legal requirements in India.  

Contacts for raw material , license , Machinery.

Extended support post the workshop for ongoing clarification and material Procurement.  Free revision class. Business community support group with regular industry  updates.

Audience: People who are looking to start a chocolate business . 

Minimum Audience: 5

Duration: 5 hours

Kids Workshop - Age group: 6 to 13

Audience: Age group: 6 to 13

Experience: Kids will get a hands on in Chocolate making, drown in chocolate and enjoy hot chocolate while getting an opportunity to create their own flavours of chocolate . They will also learn about healthy chocolates.

Minimum Audience: 20

Duration: 3 hours

Coverage: Techiniques- Types of chocolate, Melting , Moulding, Enrobing, dry fillings, wrapping, presentation.

Parent Child bonding Workshop- Age group : 2 to 5

Audience: One or Both Parent and child of age group 2 to 5.

Experience: Chocolate making is a very satisfying experience for both adults and kids . Chocolate is a versatile material that allows children and parents to use their creativity to explore possibilities in its variations and gives parents an opportunity to spend creative and fun quality time with their kids. As Chocolate is every childs favourite thing, Children get to eat as much as they want during the hands on Workshop which will keep them engaged and interested in the process of Chocolate making, they will be spoilt for choice of variations they can create.

Coverage: Melting, Moulding, Enrobing, Dry fillings , wrapping.

Business Workshop