A Visit To The Zoo 

Story-time: In 1985 I was visiting the tiger enclosure at the Bellary zoo. I walked right up to the bars/railing of the enclosure. Inside the enclosure, about 15 feet away, was a manmade dipping pool and in it, cooling off from the summer heat, was a tiger - submerged with only its head above the water. It was a fantastic sight. Just then we heard the rattle of a metal cart rolling. For a second, I turned my head to see what that noise was, saw the cart and turned back to look at the tiger and was shocked to see it standing 2 feet from me, staring in the direction of the cart! I couldn’t believe it. Yes, the cart was noisy and there were many visitors around who all  when the tiger leapt out of the pool. I didn’t hear any sound from the tiger getting out of the water and rushing to the edge of the enclosure. And he was a fully-grown (majestic!) tiger!!

That cart was the zookeeper coming to feed the tiger!! Never stand between a tiger and its meal!😁

About the author: A real life incident, narrated by -A  FAPsian - Class of 1976 (Author wishes  to remain  anonymous. A student from The Frank Anthony Public School, Bangalore )