A Discipline called SLEEP 

The TV is on, the two kids, on the floor of their cozy living room,  playing, laughing &  chattering, fighting all at the same time,  hubby dear,  watching the news, while speaking on his mobile.   Niharika has just cleared the kitchen, closing it for the day, made sure the veges are cut and stocked in the refrigerator, the menu is all well planned, last minute things  yet to be checked –  hubby's and kids' tiffin boxes, washed,  water bottles. kids uniforms . 

 Suddenly an   alarm, goes off-  a loud Trrrrrrrrrrng….five rings… in its shrill volume  -  it is 9.45 pm…. Everyone obediently, switch off the TV,/gadgets , lights,leaving whatever they were doing,  wish each other a Good Night’s Sleep and step into their respective bedrooms for a fitful night’s sleep ! A soft soothing music is heard  in the house for the next five mintutes (set by her on ALEXA-  ALEXA wishes the family – Good Night)  . Silence. Calmness settles in.

Niharika  had worked hard to get  her family to retire to bed at this time.  Yes, it was a struggle, to convince her hardworking husband, to get him to wean him away from his laptop/mobile, where he would have long conversations-both official and personal, which would well go into mid-night.  Her kids, from their banter/gadgets, playfulness, fights and herself , with the never ending  chores in the kitchen or around the house.

For a week, she  tried the alarm, when everyone has to go to sleep, but was not working, as they would sneak peak into mobiles, TV shows with low volume. She then  linked the the internet and gadgets on her mobile phone. So now, when Niharika turns off the internet on the family link on her mobile phone , switches off her phone, there’ s no choice but to go to bed and she  sleeps  more peacefully, nowadays. The family too, are more alert, finish their day routines on time and are energetic and fit and ready for the next day after a restful night’s sleep.

She had had a tough time, with sleep deprivation which affected her health badly. She  vowed to discipline herself and the family to get into a disciplined sleep pattern, for  better health, memory consolidation, emotional well-being, which eventually will support the immune system. She did a thorough study on how adequate sleep enhances congnitive function , creativity and decision-making. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a range of health issues.Thinking of how she had to convince her husband and kids to sleep at the same scheduled time every night.  Heaving a sigh of relief, peace and calmness spreading over her body, Niharika  at last won the battle with her husband and kids emphasizing the importance of quality rest for overall well-being.

A small prayer on her lips, she gets into deep slumber !

(The above is a real life experience as told to the author by her family member, whose name is changed)

About the Author:

Padma Prabakaran, a versatile, independant person, with strong socialising, adapting skills,  soft skill trainer . In her second innings, after four decades in the Banking industry, has her own start up- BLOOM, a Training Academy company. She has many interests like painting,writing,  knitting, crochet, travelling, music, learning new languages, making short videos. Her tag line is " Never retire in Life and make Learning a life long journey".