Take Your Pick- The Choice Is Yours!

Everyday, we make simple Choices - We choose what to eat,drink, dress, mode of transport, but have we paused to think, how these Choices impact our lives? 

CHOICES confront us at every turn, presenting us with opportunities and consequences. 

CHOICE reflects our values, priorities, desires,and embody our individuality and shape our identity. 

CHOICES can come in various forms and magnitudes, some minor and inconsequential, like what to wear or what to have for dinner, others large and that play a vital part in our lives, like career options, life partner.Each Choice, regardless of its scale holds the power to influence the trajectory of our lives. 

CHOICES bring out the process of decision making that help us evaluate, analyze our options to consider potential risks and rewards. 

CHOICES accompanies regret and uncertainty,yet it is important to remember that Choices once made cannot be undone. Hence, we must exercise caution and embrace the consequencesof our Choice, and use these as learning experiences for our future decisions.

CHOICES empower us to shape our lives and create or own narratives. While we cannot control the circumstances/consequences, we can always Choose how we respond and forge our future path.

CHOICES define us, giving us the opportunity to sculpt our own decisions and embraces the endless possibilities that lie ahead. 

THE CHOICE you are scared to make might just be the game changer. Choose what you want. 

So take your pick ! 

Compiled by Padma Prabakaran, Certified Softskill Trainer